Unity Place

The Unity Place façade is progressing nicely. This project is particularly unique in that it consists of several different unitised façade wall types, and the experienced project team are well versed in the variations required for this project. Zone’s one and two, floors two to five are fully complete with façade installation, fire barrier, acoustic plates and the façade is protected and handed over to the MC for follow trades to commence.  Zone three installation commenced second week in November; ahead of programme and is progressing nicely to enable early handovers to the MC.

Throughout November and December, works will progress on the ground floor stick system façade around the Zone 1 commercial spaces. These reinforced Schueco systems will be installed utilising spider cranes. The glazing process of the heavy glass will be covered by vacuum lifters with spider cranes or site tower cranes with cherry picker booms and scissor lifts used for access. The terrace façade areas will consist of standard stick schueco systems, which will be assembled and installed by manually lifting due to the lightweight nature of the aluminium profiles. Again, spider cranes or site tower cranes and vacuum lifters will be used  for the glazing process of the heavy glass. Aluminium towers and scissor lifts will be the chosen method for access.

Decorative framing will then be assembled at ground level and installed to the façades access walkways. The permanent façade ‘Latchways’ system will be used for attachment, with works being carried out in fall restraint as per the permanent ‘cleaning access strategy.

This is a first engagement between RF Fixing and FKN facades and progress so far has been faultless.

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