Ben Ainslie Racing – Portsmouth

Approval for the development of The Camber Quay by Ben Ainslie Racing was a major boost for Portsmouth, promoting the city’s global reputation as a centre of marine excellence and providing the focal point for the design, construction and development of BAR'S boats for the America's cup in 2017 and beyond.

Working closely with the principal architect, Prism Architectural, RF Fixing was commissioned to structurally glaze and provide capped curtain walling to the uniquely designed building, creating the striking and prestigious Portsmouth landmark that stands today, and will for years to come.

Working together with the contractor and local councils to source local labour, RF Fixing’s team of 25+ worked tirelessly to ensure the project was delivered to specification, within the 12-week deadline, and on budget. With some tricky architectural features, coordination of works was key to ensuring project success and RF Fixing brought their unrivaled skills to bear in the supervision of contract lifting to ensure the safe and effective execution of works.

The striking sail-inspired facade was glazed by the team in a single weekend, demonstrating an incredible feat of skill, determination, and teamwork.

Today the building proudly frames Portsmouth harbour entrance and provides a centre of innovative technology for the maritime field both nationally and globally.