Corniche apartments, link sky bridge – London

The Corniche apartments, designed by renowned architects Foster + Partners, are situated on the Albert Embankment overlooking the Thames, stand 28 stories at their highest point.  Following the success of installation works and balcony façades on the apartment blocks, RF fixing was further commission by Lindner Facades, for installation works on a link bridge between Block A and Block B, comprising GRC stone and steelwork setting, and an entrance canopy to Block B.

Works include:

  • Soffits
  • GRC Stonework
  • Fixing brackets
  • Rain screen paneling

The team of 6 operatives comprise of installers, MEWP operators, slinger/signaler, and fixers, and led by our experienced project manager, employ vital planning skills and communication. The installation works include the use of a tower crane, scissor lifts, genie lift, stone vacuum lifter, and RF Fixings own bespoke lifting frame.

As of mid-April 2018, the project is nearing completion. All the main stonework and column stone lifting has been installed using a combination of tower crane, RF's bespoke lifting frame, genie lift and stone sucker.  Installation of the rain screen paneling to the steel side structure to form the walkway into block A has been completed, as has the installation of the GRC panels and copings.  The design and resulting facade of the Link bridge perfectly complement the Corniche apartment buildings, and RF Fixing is pleased to have been involved in the completion of this exclusive residential development.
Watch this space and our company LinkedIn page for any final updates